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Your Sun sign is either one or the other. Please be sure to mention that you want to know your Sun sign. You can use this natal chart positions tool for determining the sign positions of all your planets, including the Sun, based on your birth date.

This tool will tell you your Sun sign accurately if you were born near a cutoff date and you know your birth time. However, the times given below are accurate based on the year. Be sure to adjust for your time zone. Eastern time — please adjust to the time zone of your birth , NOT your current residence.


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However, the road is long and you must gather your evidence before rushing in and expecting people to apologise. Your very personal affairs seem to be going through a slightly calmer period. And that, I think, is good enough reason for pressing ahead as fast as you can. The Moon is not in a particularly jokey mood.

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In fact, the situation seems rather serious. Tired and exhausted though you may be, you will soon find that your efforts have been well-spent. In fact, you will shortly begin to see that many apparently unconnected events are part of a greater pattern. And that, you should be happy to hear, is a very reassuring thought.

If you're looking for creative inspiration, you will find it everywhere.

Secure your future by focusing on each moment with gentle loving care. Trust that you are right where you need to be in this moment.

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Your personality shines bright today. Set your pace and mind to finish what you start. Perseverance is your friend. Follow Us.

Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac February 19, Joy is found in the details. Tarot: The Star Friendships and deep connectivity comes in an uncanny way. Tarot: The Empress Working on what you love can bring you joy and a sense of true satisfaction.

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Tarot: Strength Traveling is idea for you, if you can get away, try to do so. Tarot: The Lovers You understand even more than you realize. Tarot: The Sun When you put love in the center of what you work on, it changes everything. Tarot: Nine of Cups Health and wellness are important to foster, even if your schedule doesn't seem to allow it. Tarot: Nine of Wands The way you look at things can bring you joy or questions.

Tarot: Queen of Cups Family may need you to be the leader with heart. Tarot: Three of Cups Speak your truth, even if you do so with art, music or writing.

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Tarot: Eight of Swords Secure your future by focusing on each moment with gentle loving care.